Believe to Achieve

The quality of life depends on the thoughts you water,decisions you take and The responses you prefer. Watch Your thoughts very carefully, Mind is like Fertile Soil.

Believe to achiev

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Because of the extreme importance of beliefs and the significant impact they have on our lives it makes sense to learn how beliefs are formed so that you can prevent false ones from being formed and only support the formation of positive ones.

The belief formation process starts when a SEED(thought) is sowed in the person’s mind. This seed could be a small remark made by an authoritative person, an advice given by a close friend or even a phrase you heard from a complete stranger. E.g. Economy is getting Tough, Sanjay is Arrogant…Now after implant of this seed, you search for real life evidences. Mean while if Sanjay happens to meet you somewhere and if he does not wish you or greet you properly, your seed about Sanjay gets watered, one or more such evidence makes it a Solid Belief, like wise it happens.

Someone who told you that you are a failure or worthless: you considered his opinion a fact and hard coded it in your mind. Some people may lack self confidence throughout their life just because someone labelled them as fools or losers long time ago. Identify the seed at right time.

Proper care needs to be taken care of, proper filters needs to be installed, need to be conscious about such “seeds” and monitor the information you are taking in… especially when it is related to your life. One should challenge such seeds before it gets attention and transfer in to Solid Beliefs.

Awareness, Knowledge & truth can help you to challenge incorrect beliefs and prove them wrong. Start educating yourself about the important life beliefs that concern you. After acquiring enough information/knowledge you will come to realize that many things aren’t as you believed they were.

Friends, this is how the Beliefs are so very important in one’s life. Remove the limiting or negative belief which acts as hurdle in your path of success and Form the correct beliefs based on Truth. Celebrate Life !!!

Kumar Zilpelwar – K Zi
Trainer, Speaker, Writer & Fire Consultant.