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The quality of life depends on the thoughts you water, decisions you take and The responses you prefer. Watch Your thoughts very carefully, Mind is like Fertile Soil.

Optimize Your Quality of Life: Strategies for Personal Growth

  • Set Meaningful Goals
  • Continuously Learn and Grow
  • Maintain Work-Life Balance
  • Engage in Purposeful Activities
  • Stay Flexible and Resilient
quality of life
kumar zilpelwar

Academic Background

Playing on back foot May save wicket, But if you want to make more runs and make the play interesting, you need to play on front foot. This applies to Professional life too

Prime trainer and then national trainer

I did my PRIME training with many hurdles, we were caught up in Floods, next year again caught up in rains, finally I did my PRIME from Mumbai. So as the NTTTS, I could clear after attempting second time. However, I continued my journey.

Masters in statistics

I did my Bachelors degree in Statistic from Dharampeth College, Nagpur and then finished my Masters from University Campus in 1990, those were the golden days of life.

Participated in head coach program and cleared

It was World Conference of JCI held in Delhi, India in 2008. I was lucky enough to be part of such magnanimous event wherein I could participate in Head Coach program, It was wonderful experience to participate amongst people from all over the world.

My Passions


Bird Photography

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Life is all about decisions you take

I have offered my services to various Industries to enhance the potential of their work force from workers to Sr. Manager level in corporate sector