Art & Science of Visualization

It is a tool, known to many – practiced by very few, who ever has practiced has certainly achieved what he wanted to


Visualization is a mental process of Imagining the things, before it happens, for the way you want it to happen. We all are well aware of the power of our subconscious mind, Visualization directly communicates with the subconscious. We can re-wire & restructure the subconscious with the help of visualization. It is the most powerful technique to achieve what you want to.

Rudi Webster, a Cricket Coach and psychologists, in his book Think Like a champion, mentioned a incidence about Brian Lara’s innings in 1999, against West Indies at Barbados…West Indies were on 85/3 and they were looking for 305 to win.. Brian Lara was not out for 2 when the day ended

Rudi Webster says, I advised him to imagine the game, as already won and feel himself constructing for victory…I asked him to mentally rehearse seeing the ball, the moment it leaves the bowler’s hand and feel his movements smoothly and quickly to stroke the ball between the gaps…I also asked to visualize his natural game & enjoying the challenge…The other day, Brain Lara played the historic 153 not out and won the game for his country. Brian Lara said, everything happened just as I imagined it… there are many such examples in cricket or for that matter in any sports… Sports coach train their players tough on physical and mental levels…As both the things are important or I must say the Mental part drives you in the correct direction and your sub conscious creates such circumstances that you win…

Visualization is a powerful technique which can improve your effectiveness & efficiency. It is a Skill which can be acquired as any other skill with due practice, one must include this powerful technique in his daily routines.

However, there are certain set of instructions one must follow to get the results.Never imagine failures or giving up in certain conditions because eventually this will be outcome. Always frame the Positive mental Picture for the outcome. One must see his goals clearly and specifically without any ambiguities.

First, one needs to believe in the outcome…The Belief & the Conviction play most important role in visualization…During my workshops on Effective Public Speaking, I ask my participants to visualize that audience is applauding them highly after completion of the speech. I have used this technique in many of my trainings for getting the standing ovation & got it.

One needs to understand the basic functioning of brain …Brain understands & records in the form of images only. When you create certain image, visualize it time to time, With the positive feelings and belief that it is true, your brain shall work in certain way to make it true. Any feeling, when it is deep that becomes true. A slightest doubt may spoil the entire thing is the caution one needs to understand.

In the movie, MS Dhoni – A untold Story, I remember a scene, why Dhoni’s team looses with the Punjab in one of the matches. A day before the actual match, his teammates get flattened by Style of Yuvraj singh out of the field and the way he carries himself…Scientifically, This image gets fixed in the mind of these boys deeply and they unknowingly gives the signal to their mind, that Yuvraj is a great player & difficult to get out..Next day, the same thing happens on the field & Punjab Wins. The psychological factor always counts in the game & so in the life.

Let us understand the process of how to visualize. Be in relaxed mode while in the process of visualization…while taking bath, walking at the Sea shore, or seating idle at your favorite place in the home…create the image in mind with as much of details you can. There must be clarity in the picture as to what exactly you want to achieve. The longer you spend on your visualization the more you likely to get the results. It is said by experts, that visualizing for 1 hour equals to 7 hours of actual working… For example, if you are looking for a promotion at work, imagine yourself receiving a letter and positive responses from the people around you…Try to visualise with maximum details, you can.

Visualization tends to be most intense and meaningful if you take the time to do a straightforward meditative exercise before you begin…

Try to hold on to the feelings of pride, happiness, peace that you will experience once you achieve the outcome. The best time to visualize in the day, is the time when you are most relaxed, during meditation (if you are regular in meditating) , the time before you sleep and the time after you just get up…Avoid distractions during visualisation strictly, like call on cell phone & social media. Avoid Doubts in result. If you visualize in dual mind you wont get the expected result. You need to believe in results in your favour. You are going to win; you are going to conquer. Affirmations helps.  If you believe that, you have limited talent & capacity to achieve the goal, you will end with limited result. If you are carried away with the thought that you do not deserve or doubt whether I deserve it or not, the result will not be in your favour.

“I tried Everything” mind set. Many people are governed by this mind set. I would like to quote my case study. My body weight was nearly 85 kg, which I wanted to reduce to 72. Since last so many years, I tried many things by reduceing the diet, going for morning walk, evening walk, went to Gym, appointed personal trainer but I could not. I always used to visualize my weighting scale at 72. Nothing was helping me to reduce the weight by a kilo. Then one day I found the Dr. Dixit diet pattern which I started implementing. My weight reduced to 75, still few kilograms from the target, it took me long  to reduce, but got the result. The point here I want to make it, the game is not over until I win it. There is a way & you will find it if you continue to visualize it, believing it.

Remember, there is no replacement for working hard on the outcomes you want to achieve…one needs to work hard & smart so as to achieve the outcomes…Visualization is a powerful tool one must practice. Start visualizing and you will start getting the expected results. Celebrate Life !!!