Time to Unlearn

As we are locked down due to the outburst of corona, Few of us are utilizing this time to upgrade their professional skills & other multifaceted activities

time to unlearn

A tsunami of Webinars is flooded with all sort of sharing the knowledge and self improvement techniques. It is absolutely OK to learn the new and acquire the desired knowledge.

What is this unlearning. Cycle of learning is, Learning – Unlearning – Relearning. Most of us stop at learning only, however the periodical unlearning is must as life is going on much faster pace & many of the concepts and beliefs are outdated.

Learning is acquiring knowledge or new skills, so the Unlearning can be defined as deleting the learned knowledge? No friends. Unlearning is the intentional letting go of what we have learned and the openness to explore our own personal truths (beliefs) and be liberated from our past conditionings. Unlearning is also not about forgetting. It’s about the ability to choose an alternate improved mental model or paradigm.

We need to Challenge & Change our beliefs which do not brings Joy, happiness or success. There are certain false truths which you keep acting on it, though they don’t help you to grow, in fact they hold you back.

Certain people are cut from a different cloth – We place certain people on a pedestal solely because it is easy to convince ourselves. Steve Jobs of Apple, Sachin Tendulkar of Cricket, we keep them as an idol, god, because it makes things simple. It’s much easier to say “Both of these persons were an absolute genius, a visionary, some type of super-human”. But on actual examining their life, you will come to know the quantum of hard work, failures they faced, ability to keep consistency in their performances, love towards what they do…Getting more information about person can help change the limiting belief.

A classical dancer when asked to perform the contemporary style of dancing or bollowood dance, He first needs to unlearn the Classical then only he can perform. The hard part is unlearning as a dancer. Unlearning needs the conscious & Continuous efforts.

In todays Covid-19 Scenario, When World Knows a greeting & meeting style as by shaking hands, hugging each other, now needs to Unlearn…so that they can relearn Indian style of Namaste…

Unlearning is taking intentional & confident step from the comfortable & known into the ultimately freeing uncomfortable and unworthy. It’s not easy to unlearn the mental habits. Unlearning can prove to be unpleasant as it involves, introspecting, questioning, challenging and adapting to new. However, it brings great results.

Recognize the Need to unlearn – Are you happy? Dig out all areas of life and recognize the need for change. May it be your professional life wherein you are struggling or your personal life. The first step to unlearning is overcoming your ego mind so that you can open to the change and be adaptive.

Accepting the need to unlearn is also a big deal. Once you accept, things become easy. Define the Pattern/s of thinking, which has caused hurdles. Old pattern of thinking or beliefs shall pop up timely or untimely, one needs to be aware and more conscious so as to proceed in the direction of Unlearning Process. Friends keep your learning, Unlearning mode always on. Happy Unlearning…

Kumar Zilpelwar – K Zi.
Trainer: Writer : Fire Consultant : Ornithologists.