Overconfidence, Fear & Negligence

It is been more than a year, that we are stuck up at home & at the economic front. Things are moving at a snails speed for many and at supersonic speed for very few


In the first lockdown, majority of us enjoyed staying at home, as if we got the long holiday. Facebook was flooded with the “neo chefs”, gardeners, cycle enthusiasts and bathroom singers. Any how, after strict lock down, we entered in to lockdown with conditions …and people started going to Jungle safaris, attending wedding ceremonies, conducting small and big get together, but their used to be a common talk in all these GT’s…

Doctors & Health Advisories were busy in telling the people to avoid, but we were rather overconfident that nothing will happen to us. The wave started building up and so the fear…and believe me friends, many were put to down, just due to fear…the fear of decease was more killing than the decease it self. What is FEAR. Falsified Emotion Appearing Real…Isn’t it? We could and we can overcome it by staying away from negative influence…

Then, already exhausted Health Workers had to pull on the sleeves to cater over flooded hospitals. We saw the bad face of humanity by looting the people on their needs, at the same time, many people, organizations came forward to help needy in the way they can.

The question is, could this be avoided? I am no authority to answer this, but yes, it could have been restricted. It could have restricted by staying at home, it could have been restricted by keeping calm, it could have been restricted by avoiding Negligence. It could have been restricted by not going to social gatherings…

As on today, the second wave seems to be on decline mode in Nagpur and now the electronic media is featuring news for the third wave. Let us understand that, this time we are more equipped with hospitals, medicine supplies, oxygen supplies and most importantly, our vaccination drive is on the full swing. We will surely develop the herd immunity, as they say…in times to comel.It is our duty to get vaccinated and motivate the people in our vicinity to get vaccinated.

We can definitely restrict by counting on our strengths, Stay Calm, Stay home, Avoid watching excessive news, We are not here to get Ph.D in the subject, Avoid Negligence of any Kind…Use Double Mask…Listen Music, Watch Motivational Videos, Read Books & Most importantly, tell your self “all is Well”…Try to help the needy the way you can…We Indians love social gatherings in many forms, if we don’t follow these simple rules, how are we going to celebrate life?

Kumar Zilpelwar – KZi.