Today I am sharing with you a novel concept of knowing yourself, knowing your own areas of interest. It is a Japanese concept for identifying, zeroing your purpose of life


Visualization is a mental process of Imagining the things, before it happens, for the way you want it to happen. We all are well aware of the power of our subconscious mind, Visualization directly communicates with the subconscious. We can re-wire & restructure the subconscious with the help of visualization. It is the most powerful technique to achieve what you want to.

Rudi Webster, a Cricket Coach and psychologists, in his book Think Like a champion, mentioned a incidence about Brian Lara’s innings in 1999, against West Indies at Barbados…West Indies were on 85/3 and they were looking for 305 to win.. Brian Lara was not out for 2 when the day ended

We all strive hard in life to get success, however it is said that, only 4% of people get success in life, rest struggle hard. Though many of us are talented, hardworking & sincere, we are not even in the vicinity of success. There is something wrong…Are we on the wrong path, are we in the wrong direction, do we fail to match the speed of life or don’t we able to keep positive all the life…still we are away from the success. Here is that concept, which resides at the base of your building…

It is said that, Success is defined by people around you and happiness is defined by yourself. People around you, will tell, whether you are successful or not…But happiness is something your own pursuit. One may agree with this or not, however this is practical definition of success.

Few days back, I was attending a webinar where I understood a base formula for super success & happiness.  i-ki-gai… Now let us understand, what is this Jadu, which once understood can take you to desired life. In Japanese language, IKI is Life and GAI tells the realization of purpose, Ikigai will also tells you , the reason to get up in the morning…

Everyone has different Ikigai…Let us understand the concept..There are four circles in I-ki-gai… In The first circle, put –  what you love to do, In the second circle, put – what  world needs from you, In third one, What you can be paid for, and the last is What you are good at….

All these circles are interlinked and overlapping…One can easily figure it out from the diagram…if one can find the answer of these four question correctly, he or she can discover his  or her i-ki-gai. However this may take time to get the correct answers, you may take help from your parent, spouse, close friends…

List out the things, what you love to do… may it be cooking, painting, gardening, singing or it can be same thing you are doing in your profession… This can be your passion.

Then prepare the second list… What world Needs.. Can you add anything from the list 1? If so, go ahead and make the list….This can be your Mission.

Let us come to third set, what can be you paid for…Is there anything from list 1 & 2, that you can be paid for…Have you tried before, have you received money for that…if yes…continue to make this list…This can be your vocation.

Are you good at it?? Are you best at it? Prepare the list of the things, you are best at…this can be your profession.

Your ikigai is combination od these four, Passion, Mission, Vocation & Profession…If you see the diagram, Your Ikigai comes in the center…So friends, proceed with pen & paper and lots of time to spend with you…Keep your mobile aside, and start looking inside, if you find your ikigai, percolate the concept… Celeberate Life…

Kumar Zilpelwar –KZi.

Personal Productivity Coach, Speaker, Bird Photographer.